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Iconix Radio Academy


Extensive Exposure

 Your music or production will be in rotation 24/7, and you'll receive real-time notifications about when your music or commercial ad is being promoted.

Universal Concept

Whether you're a singer, business owner, or author, we offer the same benefits. Both artists and consumers want broad exposure, regular updates, and assurance that their investment is worthwhile.

Transparent Promotion

We provide a step-by-step breakdown of the promotional format for artists or producers looking to promote their projects.

Year-Long Rotation

Your music or ad promotion will be in rotation for a full year, ensuring consistent exposure. Unlike other stations with shorter contracts, we keep your content fresh and attract new listeners and customers daily.

Unique Opportunities

Iconix Radio offers multiple opportunities that independent artists and creators don't typically get elsewhere. We provide affordability, full exposure for a year, support for all genres, and promotion across various social media platforms.

Beyond Podcast

While podcasts offer limited promotion, Iconix Radio operates on multiple platforms simultaneously. We play your ads, 15-30 second interview clips, and run the radio station 24/7, providing round-the-clock exposure. Unlike most podcasts, we aim to engage the audience by playing your music while marketing your brand, making us more than just a podcast platform. Creating an Engaging Experience for all artist and listeners.

Artists Starter Packages

Attention aspiring artists! Look no further! Iconix Radio, a royalty-based powerhouse, is here to launch your music career to new heights. Our Artist Starter Packages provide essential tools, unmatched support, and the exposure you need to stand out in the industry. Don't miss this opportunity to join the ranks of music legends. Elevate your career with Iconix Radio today!

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