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Tyrone M. Andrews Sr.

Program Director

I'm Tyrone M. Andrews Sr., Program Director for Iconix Radio's 24-hour Life Streaming Service. My unique position started in November of 2021. I wrote the soon-to-be-famous quote "Once You Tune In, You May Not Tune Out." I truly feel this way about our World Class Radio Station.

Working with Mr. Anthony Johnson AKA Mr. Iconix & his awesome wife Zondrearl Johnson AKA Lady Rosii Rose is an honor and privilege.

My duties are as follows;

Developed and implemented marketing strategies to promote program awareness participation.
Developed and implemented a new media programming strategy that can increase viewership.
Maintained and updated project-related documents.
Handle intake calls to our station.
Go over our media packages with potential clients.
Can and have finalized new business for our station.

Tyrone M. Andrews Sr.
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